Join these champions who have trained to get STRONGER. BETTER. FASTER.

Chris Miller, Captain USAF

“Coach Brock taught me that hard work is relative and pushing yourself past what you believe is attainable day-in and day-out is the true definition of success. Those lessons are some of the same lessons that I try to follow as a Captain in the USAF.” Continue Reading

Jodi Wilhite Vaughn

Jodi (Wilhite) Vaughn

“Coach Brock set me on a path that is now my lifestyle and how I make a living. I now coach Olympic Weightlifting to all levels from age 6-70. It gave me the ability to believe I could do anything if I worked hard and put myself in the field of play.” Continue Reading

Tim Atchison

“His expertise on nutrition and mobility that really helped me maximize my potential in the weight room and on the field. His strength and conditioning program are second to none and the work I put in with Coach Brock made me feel that I could compete with anyone!” Continue Reading

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Mobility, Stability, Technical Refinement, and CNS Activation—Part 4

In the previous few editions of this series, we have discussed identifying mobility and stability issues through the use of a functional movement assessment and screening process, common physical and postural deficiencies facing today’s young athletes, and corrective exercises we use to address and correct these deficiencies. In this edition we will examine how we progress from the use of specific corrective exercises to utilizing [...]

Mobility, Stability, Technical Refinement, and CNS Activation—Part 3

In the previous installments of this series, we discussed the evolution of mobility and stability screening and assessment in the field of strength training and how utilizing it as a tool has become a major piece of the puzzle in developing more well-rounded programming for athletes. In this edition we will begin by examining the two joints that are subjected to the most abuse in [...]

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